EC 95 Track Drill

The EC 95 Track Drill is the heart and soul of the Boretec 1 fleet. It is designed to reach areas not accessible by most other track drills. The unique design and power allows the drill to get into steep and rugged drill sites as well as travel along play fields and court yards without leaving any evidence of being on site. The high powered winch allows us to get up and down slippery slopes and the rubber tracks don’t leave marks on fields or concrete surfaces. Portable water tanks give us the ability to drill geotechnical or environmental projects that would otherwise require road building. The use of fans and duct blowers allows us to drill inside buildings and confined areas.

EC 95 Track Drill

Track Drill Specifications

  • Auger depth capabilities to 125’
  • Height: mast up 16’
  • Height: mast down 9’6”
  • 14,000 ft lbs torque
  • Width 6’3”
  • Length 20’
  • Weight 15,000 lbs
ED 95 Track Drill

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