Other Drilling Services

  • Cuttings removal
  • Concrete core cutting
  • Asphalt core cutting
  • Steam cleaner for environmental projects
  • Indoor fans and ducting for exhaust removal
  • Generators and night lighting
  • Boom truck

    Drilling Applications

    Boretec 1 offers a variety of drilling equipment from hand portable to high-powered track drills to complete any of your limited access or drive up projects. Boretec 1’s experience with off road drilling and our crew’s ability to move fast with lightweight and versatile equipment will provide you with soils information at a minimum of cost and time.

    Rough Terrain

    Boretec 1 equipment can handle many normally inaccessible areas.

    Remote Locations

    Off road, in the woods, up a hill or down a valley, Boretec 1 finds a way to get the drilling done.

    Unique Conditions

    Unique drilling and sampling conditions are a special challenge to Boretec 1.

    Problem Solving

    Whatever your job, it deserves the best solution. Let us take on and help you with your drilling and sampling projects.

    Other Drilling Services

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