RCT 60 Track Drill

The RCT 60 Track Drill is the little brother to the EC 95 Track Drill. Our newest drill, it has the ability to retract its tracks so we can pass through a 48” gate or doorway. Once through a tight area the tracks are expanded to their normal 4.5’ width. With the remote control feature we can get into back yards and work along roadways or trails that might otherwise require extra permits or traffic control. The drill may be smaller but is by no means short on power. Utilizing 3-1/4” and 4-1/4” standard augers it can get into tight areas, drill hard ground and retrieve the results you need. As with the EC 95 and all of our drills, this drill can drill inside buildings. Due to the unique design the RCT 60 can be lifted into otherwise non-approachable sites by our on-call boom truck from Northwest Excavating.

RCT 60 Track Drill

Track Drill Specifications

  • Auger capabilities to 100’
  • Height: mast up 13’
  • Height: mast down 7’
  • Torque 9,000 ft lbs
  • Width 4.5’
  • Length 11’
  • Weight 6,400 lbs
RCT 60 Track Drill

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