TD 85 Trailer Drill

The TD 85 Trailer Drill has been designed to work on paved or gravel roads with minimal setup and teardown time. This gives us the advantage to drive to a site and drill directly from the trailer. Given the low mast height we can drill under most power lines along sidewalks or roads. All Boretec 1 drills can access areas that might others be unreachable. The short mast down height allows us to enter buildings and provide geotechnical or environmental drilling.

Drilling Applications

Works on various types of roads and yet low enough to work under power lines.

TD 85 Trailer Drill

Drill Specifications

  • Trailer Drill pulled by 4×4 flatbed truck
  • Auger depth capabilities to 125’
  • Height: mast up 16’
  • Height: mast down 8’
  • 10,000 ft lbs torque
  • Width 8’
  • Length 17’
  • Weight 10,000 lbs
TD 85 Drill

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